Monday, October 27, 2014

The Heart

The Heart

         Today in science we are making a model of parts of the heart.  Each group has to make a flippable diagram of the heart. This will show the interior and the exterior of the heart. They also have to show how the blood flows inside the heart. each has to make sure they use the full page,mark all exterior and interior parts and show the blood path.

The Blood Path
1)Oxygen- poor blood moves from the body to the right atrium ( through the vena-cava)
2)Blood moves from the right atrium to the right ventricle
3)The right ventricle moves blood to the lungs to get oxygen ( Through pulmonary artery)
4)Oxygen-rich blood moves from the lungs to the left atrium( Through the pulmonary vein)
5)The blood moves from the left atrium t the left ventricle
6) The left ventricle moves oxygen-rich blood to the body(Through the aorta and coronary arteries)

Exterior Parts of the Heart
-Pulmonary Artery
-Pulmonary vein
-Coronary Arteries
-Vena-cava (Superior)
-Vena-cava (Inferior)

Interior Parts of the Heart

-Left Atrium
-Left Ventricle
-Right Atrium
-Right Ventricle

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  1. you are all bright and intelligent students. Except Keenan, jk buddy your hair's on point. BEHAVE JAEGAR!


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