Friday, June 13, 2014

Math games

Hey readers, we know reading out of a text book and solving questions can sometimes be boring, so we dedicaded a post to help making mah fun with games.

Like Pacman? Heres a fun math version with pacman

Here's a cool site with fun games involving math

sitting in a group, play these multi playe games

Here's a fun math based board game.

Hope this helped.


The other day in class we our teacher gave us a body of water to research for ou Tidal Area Reasherch Project.

1.) Tell us a bit about the area in your own words (about 75 words)
2.) Where is your area located? include:
          -Country/Provence or State/Body of water
          -Closest Town
3.) Find a map that showcases your area.
          - Reference this image:
4.) Interesting Facts (at least 5 bullet points, max 10)
5.) What is the tidal specifics?
          - Tidal Range? (How much does it change from low to high tide?)
          -Highest Spring Tide Level?
          -Lowest Neap Tide level?
          - How Often does the tide change? (Every 24 hrs, 12 hrs, etc)
6.) Find a picture of the area.
          - Reference this image:
7.) Create a QR code that links to YouTube Video about your area.
          - Use 

I found this picture on google images The Global Water Fund advises the Investment Community. (2014) Uploaded by Global Water Fund. Available online at

Thursday, June 05, 2014

Water Cycle

Water Cycle
I'm finishing the qusetions from the last blogger.
5)  The scientific word for water cycle is Hydro Logical cycle.
6) The Molecules in the water are always moving

7)  Molecules in hot water move slower/faster than molecules in cooler water

8)  Water can evaporate/freeze even when it's not very hot

9) Water is constatly being Recycled

10) The frost on a glass is Condensation water

11) Evaporation is the Opposite of condensation

12) Water vapor must have something to Stick to in order for it to condense

13) Water vapor rises to the sky condenses and becomes Clouds

14) The precipitation falls from the clouds and Accumulates in ponds, puddles,oceans

15) All plants and animals need water to Live

Ocean Currents
-What is a current
its a river -like  stream of water that is moving  inside of  another, bigger, body of water
What causes a current
surface currents are caused by changes in  water temperature
-cold water sinks
-warer water rises
What causes a current
deep water
current are caused by changes in water temperature
cold water sinks
warmer water rises
What causes a curent
deep water 
 currents by changes in sainity (how muc h salt is in the water)
high salt =  heavier
low salt =lighter 


Tuesday, June 03, 2014

Water Cycle

Today in Science Class we watched a video all about the water cycle and answered quesions from the video. The questions were...

1. Water can be a liquid, solid or a _gas_
2. The sun's  energy / position changes water rom a luiqid to water vapor
3.Precipitation can be rain, sleet, snow or hail
4.Water evaporates rom plants, rivers, oceans

To Be Contiued...