Friday, June 13, 2014


The other day in class we our teacher gave us a body of water to research for ou Tidal Area Reasherch Project.

1.) Tell us a bit about the area in your own words (about 75 words)
2.) Where is your area located? include:
          -Country/Provence or State/Body of water
          -Closest Town
3.) Find a map that showcases your area.
          - Reference this image:
4.) Interesting Facts (at least 5 bullet points, max 10)
5.) What is the tidal specifics?
          - Tidal Range? (How much does it change from low to high tide?)
          -Highest Spring Tide Level?
          -Lowest Neap Tide level?
          - How Often does the tide change? (Every 24 hrs, 12 hrs, etc)
6.) Find a picture of the area.
          - Reference this image:
7.) Create a QR code that links to YouTube Video about your area.
          - Use 

I found this picture on google images The Global Water Fund advises the Investment Community. (2014) Uploaded by Global Water Fund. Available online at

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