Wednesday, October 30, 2013

its smower-- It's smelly

Science is fun to work in.

SUOSM AND SMTM our fun to loer
Cells and Systems are fun to learn.

It smells good.

Diffusion conclusion! The lab report by Dez!

Diffusion Conclusion

ABSTRACT- It’s amazing that when you paint your nails in the house, how the fumes spread throughout your home and soon enough, you have a bunch of annoying family, bugging you to stop! Ever wonder how those dreadful fumes travel right to your family’s noses? It is the work of diffusion!

          HYPOTHESIS- Science is so overrated. You think of those people in lab coats, looking over gizmos beeping at any given moment. Really, it is as simple as a ‘little’ perfume spreading throughout the classroom. Everyone can smell it but how long does it take to flow everywhere in the room? My first hypothesis was that it would take about 5 minutes… I wasn’t completely wrong.

          PROCEDURE- We came up with this awesome experiment, as a class, to test how long it takes perfume particles to diffuse 6meters and 69centimeters. We used a timer and when the people at the end of the distance smelled the scent, the timer went off. The surroundings of our experiment were in a classroom, with a regular heating system. It took a while for even the people in between the distance to smell it!

          DATA- The data we observed included the 2minutes and 3seconds that it took for the perfume particles to travel and the 6meters and 69centimeters as the distance for the particles to travel through.

          CONCLUSION- Now that we know that scent particles do diffuse throughout places that are available to it. Now that we know this, we should just go outside and paint our nails! We can give those particles a chance to diffuse across the universe!

                                      (written) October 23rd 2013



Brilliant   smells

ABSTRACT:    Ever wonder just how fast your perfume travels?

We did an experiment to see how long it would take for perfume to travel from one table to another. My guess was that it would take five minutes to travel from table to table. Turns out, J-Lo’s perfume travels fast! How long do YOU think it would take for perfume to travel six meters and 69 centimeters?


Procedure:         To start off, Mrs. Thompson brought some perfume to the class. She faces diagonally to the door and squirted the bottle twice. As she squirted, Landen set his iPhone timer. Instantly, Ethan smelt the perfume and raised his hand. Soon after, more and more students started lifting their hands. After about one minute after the two squirts, I smelt the perfume and lifted my hand. After about another minute, Jade and Landen lifted their hands, and the timer stopped. It took two minutes and three seconds for Jade and Landen to smell the perfume. After the experiment, almost everyone left the room because the scent of the perfume was very strong!


            Data:   The results were that it took two minutes and three seconds for perfume to travel six meters and 69 centimeters. To be exact, for two squirts of perfume.


Conclusion:       Although my estimate of five minutes was very wrong, and the real answer was two minutes and three seconds, this was fun. I thought that the perfume particles would have taken longer to go from the high concentration areas, to the low ones and that’s why I guessed five minutes. I learned that perfume actually travels quite fast! Also I learned more about diffusion! This experiment taught me that diffusion is when a substance spreads around and kind of takes over the area! Also now we know that perfume can really stink up the place!


October 23 2013

Lab report

Sniff, Sniff hooray

Abstract    Ladies! Have you ever wondered how long it took that beautiful smelling perfume to get across the room? Well my classmates and I tested this experiment. We discovered the time it took, and we want to share it with you. Before we go any further can you guess how long it took?

Procedure    First Mrs. Thompson sprayed two squirts of perfume from one desk to another as you can see on my diagram at the bottom of the page. You can see how we started and finished.  We all waited until we could smell it, when we smelled it we had to raise our hands. It went into different directions, on my opinion I found it odd how everyone smelled it first. Before we sprayed the perfume we set a timer. We set the timer to report how long it took to get from start to finish. When we did our experiment it was a great success.

Data    When we tested he experiment we got a total of two minutes and three seconds. That’s how long it took to get the perfume to the finish line.

Conclusion    When Mrs. Thompson sprayed the bottle and the scent let loose that was the best part. After Mrs. Thompson sprayed the perfume we all waited like puppy does trying to get the first sniff of air. When we finished our experiment we all left to get some fresh air. We left the class room like we were getting evacuated because of a fire drill. Before we did the experiment I guessed a total of 55 seconds but I was wrong, and off but it didn’t matter because it was just a guess. Overall it was very fun, and I think you should try it to.

Wednesday, October 23rd, 2013

            Emma St. Paul

Difusion experiment!!!

Diffusion: featuring my nose!!


Abstract:   How quickly does diffusion happen? This is a question you might ask yourself one day. We conducted an experiment! I predicted it would take 2 minutes for two sprits of perfume to travel 6 meters and 69 centimeters.
Procedure: Mrs. Thompson stood on one side of the desks and sprayed the perfume twice (one in front of her and one to the side). Landen started his phone timer. Ethan smelled it first, and almost suffocated. Whenever somebody smelled the perfume they put their hand up. It took a while before somebody else smelled the aroma. It was kind of weird because Emma was in front of me, but I smelled it first. Eventually Jade and Landen smelled the perfume!

Data:          The scent of the perfume traveled 6 meters and 69 centimeters (in a straight line) in a total of 2 minutes and 3 seconds time! (I was pretty close!)

Conclusion:  I was right!! I predicted it would take 2 minutes for perfume particles to travel across the desks! It actually took 2 minutes and three seconds, but I was very close (3 seconds off!). I think I was right because of the length it was traveling. If we measured a bit longer or shorter it would have changed the results. Also, the ventilation system might have affected the results a little bit too.

Tuesday, October 29, 2013

lab reports

scne is  rell fun and  enrat  ;
Science is really fun and interesting.
wring  in our  pist  adt prfm  our  lab reports 
We are working on our projects about perfume. Our lab reports.

good lall  perfume
Good smelling perfume.

tall ifre dab
Tell everybody.

Tuesday, October 22, 2013


Today we keped working on our lab report (when we sprayed the perfume from across the desks).
 The layout of our report is like this:
Report Title
Scientist name
-2-5 sentences
-draw people in
-the "movie trailer"
-DON'T give everything away
-explain the experiment FULLY
-draw pictures (if you need to)
-be as spicific as posible
-the results
-incluide diagrams/charts
-summarize/wrap it all up
-Relate back to the hypothesis
-5-7 sentences

I took this picture of my THE SCIENTIFIC METHOD on Mrs.T phone in 2013

Friday, October 18, 2013

Lab reports! Hot off the press! Experiment Success!!!

Today we did an awesome experiment!

This was a part of our unit that demonstrates diffusion of cells. We used the scientific method and documented the experiment.
1 (Ask a question) Togather, as a class, we came up with the question "How quickly does diffusion happen?".
2 (Form a hypothesis) We all did a seperate hypothesis, my hypothesis was "I think it will take at most 5 minutes for the perfume particles to diffuse."
3 (Create an experiment) As a class, we came up with the experiment to take a perfume bottle and sprayed it twice. We would use a timer to time how long it takes for the perfume particles to travel from one side of the room, to the other! In the end, it took 2 minutes and three seconds!
4 (Observe and record data) We all observed the experiment and the data was in the time. '2 minutes and 3 seconds'.
5 (Analyze and conclude) We conclude that it would not be safe to release a scent without people in the class not smelling it within a matter of minutes.
6 (Communicate the results) We are all now making lab reports based on this experiment!
We also learned how to make people want to read our reports!
We learned that we need:  -A catchy title
                           -A abstract sentance that relates to the title and connects it to our experiments
                            -A summery of our experiment and the procedure taken
                            -A summery of the data taken
                            -A conclusion
                             - We also need to keep in mind our audience

Mathlete Friday Brainteaser

Today the Grade 8 Math class is writing their unit test on Rational Numbers.
If finished early, here is an interesting video to get you thinking about one of our next units.
Please share your thoughts in the comment section!

Wednesday, October 16, 2013


Osmosis is the movement of WATER through a selectively premeable membrane.Only the water is allowed to move through.

Diffusionthe movement of PARTICLES from an area of high concentration to lower concentraton.

Selectively Permeable is a movement where only CERTAIN materials can pass through.
Some things can move,some can't.

Tuesday, October 15, 2013

How things move in between cells

Today the class was separated into four group and you had to choose which topic you wanted to talk about, there was Diffusion, osmosis and permeable.

Diffusion: is when particles move in all directions and spread apart evenly.

Osmosis: the diffusion is of water through a permeable membrane is osmosis.

Permeable: is whether it lets things through.

Friday, October 11, 2013

Medicine Wheel

We are working on our version of a medicine wheel by making a poster. We are looking at our aboriginal point of view on how we are alive. One perspective we have looked at are cells.  Another thing we have looked at are four things in balance Mental, Spiritual, Emotional, and Physical.

October 11,2013

Rational Numbers!!!!

This week we learnt about rational numbers.
A rational number is a number that can be simplified as a fraction.
eg.)0.354354354... is a rational number because it keeps repeating 354, as a fraction it would be 354/999. 4 is a rational number because its 4.000 and zero is repeating, its fraction would be 4/1.
a rational number is not a number that is not repeating the same number
eg.) pie is not a rational number because it doesn't repeat the same number.
a rational number can be ether a decimal, fraction, or an integer.

There is a rule of "9", and the rule is:
1.) figure out if its repeating one. two, three...digit numbers. 
2.) rewrite what is repeating, and have 9 as the denominator if it is a one digit #, if it's a two digit # it would be 99. ect.
eg,) 0.354354354, since its a three digit # it would be 354/999.

Wednesday, October 09, 2013

Aboriginal Perspective

Unit rewiew (cells and systems)

We did a unit review in science, in what we leaned so far, we only took two points of notes.
Another perspective on life is Canada's first nations perspective and that's centred on the medicine wheel.
  • Centred around idea of balance
  • Harmony between mental emotion, physical, and spiritual components.
Second, we went over Medicine wheel and what it was, and what it was for. we are working on making are own medicine wheels.

medicine wheel. (2012).
uploaded by Andrea Bear Nicholas.
available at

Friday, October 04, 2013

three kinds of cells.

Today we explored this website and leared about three kinds of cells, we also finished old work.

What would Grandi Say?

I challenge you...
  Figure out this equation using Grandi's theory!

       1-1+1-1+1-1+1-1+1-1+1-1+1-1+1-1+1..........    (p.s it goes on forever... and ever...and ever...!!)

Wednesday, October 02, 2013

Today we made edible cells. Their was four groups, two groups made animal cells and the other two made plant cells. We used cool whipped cream x2, cookies, licorice, mints, jelly donuts, fruit gushers x2, kit kat x3, sour patch kids, fruit roll ups, icingx2 and gummy worms.
These are the photos:

Animal Cells                                                                    

Gummy Worms=Mitocondria
Fruit Gushers=Vacuoles
Fruit by the Foot=Cell  Membrane
Licorice=Endoplasmic Reticulum
Kit Kat= Gogli Bodies

Sour Patch Kids=Little Dots
Fruit Roll up=Endoplasmic Reticulum
Whip Cream=Cytoplasm

 Plant Cells
Licorice=Cell Membrane
Fruit Roll up (Tye Dye)= Cell Wall
Jelly Donut=Nucleous
Fruit Gushers=Vacuoles
Sour Patch Kids=Mitchondria
Cool Whip=Cytoplasm
Fruit Roll up (Red)=Endoplasmic Reticulum

Pan= Cell Membrane
Fruit Roll up =Cell Wall
Chocolate Cookie=Nucleus
Fruit Gusher=Vacuole
Sour Patch Kids=Mitchondria
Kit Kats=Cytoplasm
Licorice=Endoplasmic Reticulum