Wednesday, October 30, 2013

Diffusion conclusion! The lab report by Dez!

Diffusion Conclusion

ABSTRACT- It’s amazing that when you paint your nails in the house, how the fumes spread throughout your home and soon enough, you have a bunch of annoying family, bugging you to stop! Ever wonder how those dreadful fumes travel right to your family’s noses? It is the work of diffusion!

          HYPOTHESIS- Science is so overrated. You think of those people in lab coats, looking over gizmos beeping at any given moment. Really, it is as simple as a ‘little’ perfume spreading throughout the classroom. Everyone can smell it but how long does it take to flow everywhere in the room? My first hypothesis was that it would take about 5 minutes… I wasn’t completely wrong.

          PROCEDURE- We came up with this awesome experiment, as a class, to test how long it takes perfume particles to diffuse 6meters and 69centimeters. We used a timer and when the people at the end of the distance smelled the scent, the timer went off. The surroundings of our experiment were in a classroom, with a regular heating system. It took a while for even the people in between the distance to smell it!

          DATA- The data we observed included the 2minutes and 3seconds that it took for the perfume particles to travel and the 6meters and 69centimeters as the distance for the particles to travel through.

          CONCLUSION- Now that we know that scent particles do diffuse throughout places that are available to it. Now that we know this, we should just go outside and paint our nails! We can give those particles a chance to diffuse across the universe!

                                      (written) October 23rd 2013



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