Tuesday, October 28, 2014

Shot Thru The Heart

         Today we contiued on making our diagrams, each of our five groups have made there title,(mine is Shot Thru the Heart) and started to draw there picture.  Everone has there own varation but are all realitivly the same.  We will be marked on all of the interior and exterior components, a title and the bloods path.  Everything must be colour coded and nice and neat.  To show our interior and exterior we will hace a flipable exterior body.  Here is what we have so far for te interior body.

Monday, October 27, 2014

The Heart

The Heart

         Today in science we are making a model of parts of the heart.  Each group has to make a flippable diagram of the heart. This will show the interior and the exterior of the heart. They also have to show how the blood flows inside the heart. each has to make sure they use the full page,mark all exterior and interior parts and show the blood path.

The Blood Path
1)Oxygen- poor blood moves from the body to the right atrium ( through the vena-cava)
2)Blood moves from the right atrium to the right ventricle
3)The right ventricle moves blood to the lungs to get oxygen ( Through pulmonary artery)
4)Oxygen-rich blood moves from the lungs to the left atrium( Through the pulmonary vein)
5)The blood moves from the left atrium t the left ventricle
6) The left ventricle moves oxygen-rich blood to the body(Through the aorta and coronary arteries)

Exterior Parts of the Heart
-Pulmonary Artery
-Pulmonary vein
-Coronary Arteries
-Vena-cava (Superior)
-Vena-cava (Inferior)

Interior Parts of the Heart

-Left Atrium
-Left Ventricle
-Right Atrium
-Right Ventricle

Monday, October 20, 2014

The circulatory system

The circulatory system

In this part of the unit we are focusing on the heart. We've been looking at pictures of the veins in the head, arm without the skin and muscle tissue.
The aorta is the largest artery that moves oxygen rich blood in your heart. The pulmonary artery moves oxygen poor blood from the hearts right ventricle to the lungs. The pulmonary vein moves the oxygen rich blood from the lungs to the hearts left atrium. The heart also moves the blood but it needs its own blood to function as well. The conary arteries provide the heart with oxygen rich blood.
The vena cava superior moves oxygen poor blood into the right atrium from the head neck and arms.
The vena cava inferior moves oxygen poor blood into the right artium  from legs and lower body.
The left atruim is the chamber that collects oxygen rich blood, it gets blood from the pulmonary vein and sends it to the left venticle. The left ventricle is the chamber that collects oxygen rich blood and sends it to the aorta.

Thursday, October 16, 2014

Selectively Permeable Smells

Selectively Permeable Smells



ABSTRACT: The idea of our experiment was to see how long it took for different scents to diffuse throughout the air. Also does the brand effect how long it will take? My first hypothesis was that it would take a minute at least till we could smell the scent. My second hypothesis was that it wouldn’t affect the time it took to smell it if the brand was different.

PROCEDURE: Our first step was to create a graph so that we could write down data. We also marked out an area of ten feet with duct tape. After that we took out our timers/iPod/iPad and set out four body sprays of our teacher’s choice. Our teacher stood on one side of the tape and we stood on the other. Right when she sprayed we started our timers. She sprayed twice with the first spray. Right when we could smell it we stopped out timers. We took our result and marked it down on the graph we made in the beginning. One of our sprays didn't work. We continued the same procedure the three that were left.

Green Apple                                               Yes                                                    18 seconds
Vanilla, Vanilla                                          Yes                                                    15 seconds
Honey-Do Melon                                       Yes                                                     8 seconds

CONCLUSION:  My hypothesis was that it would take at least a minute for the scents to diffuse through the air. I was proven wrong as you can see in my data. Also that the brand wouldn’t affect how long it would take to smell I was proven correct. The brand didn’t matter because you could make the same perfume and just put a different brand on it. It was because of how strong it smelled and how it was made not the brand.