Thursday, October 16, 2014

diffusion experiment

Lab report by Billy

Diffusion experiment


The purposes of this experiment is to see  if the brands of body spray affects how long it will take to smell it from ten feet away. I don’t think it will be different.



We measured ten feet. We wrote all the data on a chart. The people who had devices used them for a timer. The teacher then stood ten feet away. We had 4 different body sprays. One didn’t work. She sprayed each one twice. We stopped the timer when we smelled them really strong. We had body rush honeydew, dkny be delicious, jlo didn’t work and bath and body nsp . We recorded the results and here they are.


2 squirts

Brand     yes or no    time

           Body rush                            yes                                   15.25

                 Dkny                                    yes                                   15.90

                 Jlo                                  did not work                      00.00

                 Nsp                                       yes                                   10.61



The experiment was to see if different types of body spray affect the time it takes to smell it. 2 sprays took the same time the 3rd spray was 5 seconds faster to smell. So it does not really matter about the brand. I think I was right about it would not really be different. We did not take into account fans, how much comes out of the bottle and if everyone turned on the timer at the same time.

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  1. I would give your lab report a 21/29 because you forgot your hypothesis. Also that you forgot to mention that everyone wrote down the chart and that everyone left the room for fresh air from the strong smell of perfume. I really like your lab report though.


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