Thursday, October 16, 2014

Dilution Experiment

Dilution Experiment


Abstract: Have you ever wondered why some body sprays are so expensive and others not? Maybe it’s because of how strong the scent is our how long it takes for others to smell it. Well wonder no more. My hypothesis is that yes the brand does affect how long it takes for the scent to diffuse across the space of ten feet.         


Procedure: To start off the experiment Mrs.N had us copy down the chart that we used to fill in our information. After we wrote down all the names and brands of all the body sprays. Mrs.J measured out ten feet and marked it with tape. Anybody that had a device went and got it and put it on the timer. The students stood on one side of the ten feet and the teachers on the other. Mrs.N then sprayed two squirts of the body spray in the air. As soon as Mrs.N sprayed the body sprays we started the timers. When we could smell the scent we stopped the timers. After we recorded the data on our charts. Then went out into the hallway to get some fresh air and get the scent out of our heads. Once we had the smell out of our heads we went back into the class and repeated it for the other three body sprays. We ended up only doing it for two more body sprays because one wouldn’t spray.



2 Squirts Yes/No
Time took to diffuse across 10 feet
16 sec
8 sec
Beauty Rush
18 sec


Conclusion: I figured out that no the brand really does not affect how long it took to smell the scents from ten feet away. I think the factors that affected it most were what the scents smell was. Also how much each pump sprayed out really affected the results. I also think that if we had more body sprays to test the results may vary a little. We had one higher end perfume but it wouldn’t spray. As a result I don’t think the brand really makes a difference in how long it takes for you to smell the body spray.  

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