Thursday, October 16, 2014


Abstract:  In this experiment we are trying to see how long it takes to smell perfume within 10   feet.  My   hypothesis is that when you squirt perfume twice it will   take less than  one  minute to smell the  perfume. I believe that the brand does matter because some brands make their perfume   scent stronger than others. The brand may also affect how long it takes to defuse in the air because of how strong the scent is.

Procedure: Before we did our experiment we needed to gather our materials. We needed to gather  tape, four different perfumes and a timer. During this experiment we needed to measure  out ten feet and put tape at the end of each side. We had Mrs. Neuman at one end and the  class at the other end. Mrs. Neuman would take a perfume bottle and stood at the end of  the tape. She would squirt the perfume twice and we would time how long it would take to  smell the perfume. Some people used their devices to time how long it took to smell the perfume. We did this procedure three times for each of the perfumes. We would have done this procedure four times but one of the perfumes clogged up when we tried to use it. When we got our time for how long it would take for us to smell the perfume we recorded our data. After we got all of our data we put the results onto a chart.

Data:               Brand                    Two squirts (Yes or No)             Took to diffuse across 10 feet

                         Honey Do                            Yes                                    18 seconds

                         Be delicious                        Yes                                      15 seconds

                         JLO                                     ---------                               -----------

                        Pods of Vanilla                Yes                                              8 seconds

Conclusion:  In the end it would take around 15 to 30 seconds to smell the perfume. Some of the perfumes were stronger than others so we had to step out of the room for a while. My hypothesis was correct that you would smell the perfume in less than one minute. Also      that it does depend on the brand of because some perfume company’s make their perfume than others. I found out the depending on the brand the amount of perfume that is squired may be more than other because of the size of hole in the nozzle. On the chart the Pods of Vanilla was the strongest smelling perfume to smell and it took the shortest amount of time to smell.


October 14, 2014

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  1. 21/29
    you did not mention that we could leave the room for fresh air
    also you did not restate or say why your hypothesis is correct
    and you did say that the chart was on the board and that everyone copied it down


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