Thursday, October 16, 2014

Perfume Diffusion
Abstract:      In this experiment we were testing to see how long it takes for perfume to diffuse. Imagine you are sitting in the middle of the room, and you fart.  We will tell you how long in till the whole class smells it.  My guess is within 10 seconds everyone would smell it.                
Procedure:   In this lab were testing to see how long it takes perfume to travel  ten feet.  So first we collected four perfumes, be sure to test all of them, for we didn’t and one of ours didn’t work. So we will only use three perfumes as a substitute.  Then we marked ten feet across with tape measurer.  Next all of the class stood on one side of the tape and our teacher on the other side. We did a count down so all the stopwatches started at the same time. She sprayed and we all waited in till we smelled it and stop our stopwatches.  We marked down the times and repeated for all our perfumes.  After each test we cleared the room to get some fresh air. Something we didn’t do but should is, get a fan to evacuate the room after the experiment.
Data:            See chart for information
Conclusion: In conclusion we found most take about 15 seconds to diffuse on average.  My hypothesis we would smell it in at least 10 seconds, but it was actually around 15 seconds.  My hypothesis was incorrect.  Some variables we missed are different amount of spray come out per spray.  Maybe there was a roof fan on during the experiment pushing the perfume away, or maybe pushing it to us.  All in all we could have made a few tweaks like a fan but I think we did ok.
Brand                    2 Squirts Sprayed                     Time to diffuse
Honey-do              yes                                           16 sec
Be delicious           yes                                           15 sec
Vanilla                   yes                                           14 sec

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