Thursday, October 16, 2014

Perfume Diffusion



Abstract: We had different brands of body spray and we calculated how long it took for us to smell it from ten feet. My hypothesis was that yes the class and I would smell all the brands of perfume in a certain time within ten feet.

Procedure: First we marked ten feet down with a measuring tape. Marked it out with duct tape then we all stood on the line. The teacher was on the other line. We had three different types of body spray. She sprayed each perfume about two sprays. After we timed to see how long it would take for us to smell the perfume. When we smelt it we went and wrote our time on our data chart. After the whole class went for a walk and got fresh air for the next perfume. We repeated the procedure two more times.

Conclusion: What happened was that yes I did smell the perfume each time and for every body spray. I found out that some brands were better and stronger then others because u could smell it sooner then others. It was also that some brands spray out more then others witch affected the results. No the fans were not on and yes she did spray each perfume towards us. There was one perfume that did not spray witch was the J-lo. Yes my hypothesis was right because I did smell the perfume in 15 seconds.


BRAND                                      2 SQUIRTS                            TIME IT TOOK TO SMELL IT

HONEY DO                                YES                                        15

APPLE                                         YES                                        15

VANILLA                                     YES                                        13

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  1. Good job Jaegar your mark was 22 1/2 out of 29. you didn't get full marks because you forgot to mention a couple things in your procedure and you didn't have all 10 sentences. Also you forgot to repeating you hypothesis in the conclusion.


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