Thursday, October 16, 2014

My Lab Report
Abstract: We used body spray and timed ourselves to see how long we could smell it I liked the vanilla one the very best couldn’t smell it right at the start.

Procedure: What we did first was make a chart we put on the chart brand, 2 squirts sprayed Yes/No and we put time Mrs. N sprayed and we timed ourselves until we smelled it then stop the timer once were done.

Data: Chart

                    BRAND                              2 SQUIRTS SPRAYED    TIME
              Honey do                                Yes                                30 sec
             Be Delicious                            Yes                                9 sec
             Vanilla                                      Yes                               17 sec
             JLO                                            didn’t work                 0 sec

Conclusion: I learn that this brand Be delicious that I smelled better to in this experiment.

By Jerrick Mckenzie


  1. For the peer assessment that we did I gave Jerrick a 10/29 because he didn't explain the experiment fully and he didn't have enough sentences. It did good with the data portion he made a very organized chart.

  2. I would give Jerrick 11 out or 29 because he mention his hypothesis and didn't explain everything fully. But you had a very nice organized chart.

  3. 7/10
    jerrick missed a lot of info but had a good chart
    and he had very little sentences


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