Thursday, February 19, 2015

New Unit!

    Today in science we started a intro about are new unit the Water System. In this unit we are going to be learning about what happens to rain when it falls, were does water in your taps come from and will earth one day run out of water.
This is a video we watched today it shows how much water is needed to make one burger.
This is a good pictue we used to show us how the water cycle works.

Monday, February 02, 2015

Through the eye of Bill Nye

This morning in science we watched a Bill Nye video about eyes, and filled out the following questions. (answers are in Blue)

1. Nerves connect the eyeballs to the Brain.
2. The iris controls the amount of light that goes into our eye.
3. The eye gets protection from the eyelid /eyebrow
4. The optic nerve is about 20cm long.
5. If the eye is out of focus then images appear blurry.
6. The lenses changes shape so the eye can focus.
7. Rods and cones are the cells/nerves that make the image on the retina.
8. Cones allow the eye to see colours and bright light.
9. Colourblindness means there is plenty/not enough of light sensitive pigments on the retina.
10. Being blind doesn't stop people from doing things like walking and playing.
11. The eyes turn in to see how far away or ow close an object is.
12.If you lose an eye a doctor can make a(n) artificial.
13. Above the eyelid are the glands that produce tears.
14. An optical illusion is your brain and playing tricks on you.
15. the eyeball is the size of a ping pong ball.