Wednesday, October 08, 2014

The Diffusion Lab

The Diffusion Lab
    Abstract: Have you ever sprayed a perume and you can't smell it, but then you walk in your room like 5 minutes later and thats all you can smell! Well that is the act of DIFFUSION!Diffusion is the movement of paticles from an area of high concetration to lower concentration. The question I asked was does the brand of the perfume affect how long it takes the perfume to diffuse across a space of 10 feet? Well what I think is every perfume has a different smell and every perfume bottle sprays a diferent amount of perfume so yes I think that the perfume brands affect the time.
   Procedure: Their is many steps to doing an experiment the first step was to gather our materials Mrs Thompson brught her perfume and body sprays from home.The second step was to make our charts that we would write our information in, we copied the chart that Mrs. Thompson put on the board.Then Mrs Jansen taped the ground at the begining of one tile then we measured out 10 feet and put another piece of tape at the 10 feet mark. Mrs. Neuman stood at one line and sprayed the perfume twice and we stood at the the other line with a timer. When we could could smell the perfume we would stop the time then we went and wrote it in our charts, we repeated this step for each of the perfumes. One of the perfumes didn't work so we skiped over that perfume and only used 3.


    Conclusion: In conclusion I smelled all mine within about 10 seconds to 20 seconds. Maybe the results would have changed if the JLo perfume worked. My hypothesis was also proven correct in this experiment. I said that the perfume brands would affect the time that it took to diffuse into the air so in the end the Nspa perfume was the strongest and took the least amount of time to diffuse but the Beauty Rush perfume was the weakest and that was the least expensive perfume maybe that is why it took so long to diffuse becasue it wasn't as good quality as the other ones.If you try this at home use 4 perfumes instead of 3. Just to see if your results are different then mine or even if they are the same.


  1. We did a peer assessment and this is the mark that I gave her... 27/29

  2. 24/29
    you missed that we could leave the room for fresh air that we used phones to time how long it took. good luck on you're next lab report.

  3. I am giving you 26/29 on your lab report because you missed that people used their devices for timing and that people left the room for fresh air. You also forgot to mention that people copied down the chart.

  4. 25/29. I'm giving you this score because your abstract, data, and conclusion were perfect but your you didn't mention that we used our devices and forgot to mention that we could leave for fresh air.
    good work on the expiroment


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