Friday, October 11, 2013

Rational Numbers!!!!

This week we learnt about rational numbers.
A rational number is a number that can be simplified as a fraction.
eg.)0.354354354... is a rational number because it keeps repeating 354, as a fraction it would be 354/999. 4 is a rational number because its 4.000 and zero is repeating, its fraction would be 4/1.
a rational number is not a number that is not repeating the same number
eg.) pie is not a rational number because it doesn't repeat the same number.
a rational number can be ether a decimal, fraction, or an integer.

There is a rule of "9", and the rule is:
1.) figure out if its repeating one. two, three...digit numbers. 
2.) rewrite what is repeating, and have 9 as the denominator if it is a one digit #, if it's a two digit # it would be 99. ect.
eg,) 0.354354354, since its a three digit # it would be 354/999.


  1. Hello grade 8 class. We are students in Kuwait at MVRT. We also learning about mathematics and numbers. Rule of 9 is new to us and helpful. Thank you for sharing!
    Are these notes for your class or something different?
    Blessings, grade 8

    1. Hi people from Kuwait at MVRT! We're glad to help. These are our notes that we do on "Mathlete" Friday, but we also do other notes/work in class. Bless you too.
      -Grade 8's in Canada


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