Wednesday, October 30, 2013


Brilliant   smells

ABSTRACT:    Ever wonder just how fast your perfume travels?

We did an experiment to see how long it would take for perfume to travel from one table to another. My guess was that it would take five minutes to travel from table to table. Turns out, J-Lo’s perfume travels fast! How long do YOU think it would take for perfume to travel six meters and 69 centimeters?


Procedure:         To start off, Mrs. Thompson brought some perfume to the class. She faces diagonally to the door and squirted the bottle twice. As she squirted, Landen set his iPhone timer. Instantly, Ethan smelt the perfume and raised his hand. Soon after, more and more students started lifting their hands. After about one minute after the two squirts, I smelt the perfume and lifted my hand. After about another minute, Jade and Landen lifted their hands, and the timer stopped. It took two minutes and three seconds for Jade and Landen to smell the perfume. After the experiment, almost everyone left the room because the scent of the perfume was very strong!


            Data:   The results were that it took two minutes and three seconds for perfume to travel six meters and 69 centimeters. To be exact, for two squirts of perfume.


Conclusion:       Although my estimate of five minutes was very wrong, and the real answer was two minutes and three seconds, this was fun. I thought that the perfume particles would have taken longer to go from the high concentration areas, to the low ones and that’s why I guessed five minutes. I learned that perfume actually travels quite fast! Also I learned more about diffusion! This experiment taught me that diffusion is when a substance spreads around and kind of takes over the area! Also now we know that perfume can really stink up the place!


October 23 2013


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