Wednesday, October 30, 2013

Difusion experiment!!!

Diffusion: featuring my nose!!


Abstract:   How quickly does diffusion happen? This is a question you might ask yourself one day. We conducted an experiment! I predicted it would take 2 minutes for two sprits of perfume to travel 6 meters and 69 centimeters.
Procedure: Mrs. Thompson stood on one side of the desks and sprayed the perfume twice (one in front of her and one to the side). Landen started his phone timer. Ethan smelled it first, and almost suffocated. Whenever somebody smelled the perfume they put their hand up. It took a while before somebody else smelled the aroma. It was kind of weird because Emma was in front of me, but I smelled it first. Eventually Jade and Landen smelled the perfume!

Data:          The scent of the perfume traveled 6 meters and 69 centimeters (in a straight line) in a total of 2 minutes and 3 seconds time! (I was pretty close!)

Conclusion:  I was right!! I predicted it would take 2 minutes for perfume particles to travel across the desks! It actually took 2 minutes and three seconds, but I was very close (3 seconds off!). I think I was right because of the length it was traveling. If we measured a bit longer or shorter it would have changed the results. Also, the ventilation system might have affected the results a little bit too.

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