Thursday, March 27, 2014

Spring.... Break????

TODAY in Science class, we got some of our previous projects, notes and worksheets together for our parent teacher interviews!!!


I included my: -Science fair booklet
                        -Notes on Fluids
                        -Cells and systems test



    We continued on our project on BIOLUINESCENCE!!!
     My groups animal is the PINECONE FISH!!!


We were supposed to get some information about it, such as:

       Name: Pinecone fish (Aka. Monocentride or Monocentris Japonica)
       Facts: -It is aggressive
                  -It is orange by night and green-blue by day
                  -It illuminates with two headlights on its face
                  -Luminous bacteria colonize two organs on the fishes lower jaw and produces a beam of light to help find its prey
      Lives: In the Indo-Pacific ocean to south Africa
              ADVANTAGES Of having bioluminescence:
                  -Able to find prey easily
                        *Able to STAY ALIVE
                  -Able to see easier
              DISADVANTAGES Of having bioluminescence
                 -Predators can find them easier
                 -Prey are able to tell when predator is coming

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