Friday, March 07, 2014

Something vogue

In science class we finished experiments, information and data for our science projects. Now we are working on our displays to present our experiments. In our booklet it says we need to have...

  • Name of project
  • Reason for the project, your question and what you want to find out
  • A prediction that you make of the results before conducting the experiment.
  • A report of your research on the subject
  • Maybe a list of the books you read and websites you used, Also you should list your interviews.
  • Materials like list of supplies needed for the experiment
  • Procedure like the steps or directions that you used to conduct the experiment
  • Variables like the parts of the experiment that will stay the same and the what will be tested to get the results
  • conclusion like telling what happened, did it work? were you right about the hypothesis? What did you learn?
  • Explain how your experiment relates to the real world to give others better understanding
  • pictures and more pictures

Now im going to give you a couple design examples to give you help..
Dahlia's science fair. ( Wednesday, March 25, 2009 ) Uploaded by Elsa's life. Available at
Images Of Thematically Decorated Science Fair Display Board Wallpaper Picture. ( accessed on 2014 ) Uploaded by picstopin. available at*cdn*sciencebuddies*org%7CDirs%7C5%7C12%7Cimage6*jpg/

Class Projects. ( 2003-2011 ) uploaded by Welcome to Ms. Bolar's Class. available online at


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