Monday, March 17, 2014

End of Unit Project

In math we been working on the unit 'Linear Equations'. For out end of the unit project we got the choices to show our project in a blog post, music video, original song, poster or other. For my project I decided to do a blog post.

Bradley will give out one piece of candy for each person that attends his sleep over. There are no extra candy because he know how many guys are attending his sleep over. Let 'y' represent the amount of candy Bradley has to hand out.

when I did my word problem I had to correctly get a equation from it and then change it around to make it look weird and solve it myself. Before I did this I made a Cartesian plane because it was easier to make the problem and equation. for my Cartesian plane I had to make a table of values.

equation: y = 1x + 0
equation changed around: +0 = y + 1x
When I did this I had to solve my equation that was changed around.

Displaying photo 1.JPG
cartesion plane

Displaying photo 2.JPG
picture to go with problem

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