Thursday, March 06, 2014

Float or Sink Expirement

   For our class science fair, I decided to do an expirement to test buoyancy. The question I wanted to solve was if an object floats in one liquid fluid, would it float in all other liquid fluids. For a start I had to do research before I could make my hypothesis. Here are two sites i fond on buoyancy.

    Some important thigs i learned about Buoyancy were...
  •    An object will float if the fluid displaced is greater then the objects wieght
  •    An object will sink if the fluid displaced is lesser then the objects wight
  •    Buoyancy is the opisite force of gravity
  •    A positive buoyancy is when an object floats
  •    A negative buoyany is when an object sinks
  •    A neutral buoyancy is when an objet neather sinks or floats
  •    Buoyancy has two main facters, wieght of an object and the amount of fluid the object displaces
   After my research I was ready to make my hypothesis. My hypotesis was: I think that sertain objects will not float in all fluids because heavier fluidswill not displace as much fluid as in a lighter fluids, there for the affect of bouyancy will not be the same as in water.
   Now it was time for my expirement. The objects that i used were 3 glass (to put the fluids in), ketup, water and honey (the fluids I was testing), a rock, piece of tinfoil and wood (the objects I would drop in the fluid, all about the same size), and a spoon (to retrive the obects after they were droped in the fluids).
   I had to make my procedure next. The steps I took were...
  1. Fill cups with fluids (Ketup,water and honey)
  2. Take piece of wood and drop it in each fluid
  3. Do the same with the rock
  4. Do the same with tinfoil
  5. Record data
   Here are the results for my expiriment.

Wood: Floated in every fluid.
Rock: Floated in honey and ketup, sunk in water.
Tinfoil: Floated in every fluid.

   So in conclusion my hypothesis was right, but i was a bit surprised that the rock didn't sink in the ketup (maybe I didn't use a very dense rock).

(objects I used)

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