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We have to complete this quiz: (It has my answers)

Three things that were comfirmed in the video:
-Buoyancy causes us to stay afloat
-The amount of water that is displaced weighs the same as the object displacing it
-Things displace as much water as they weigh.

 Three things that I learned because I watched the video:
-The shape of an object affects buoyancy
-Some things are neither buoyant or not buoyant (neutrally buoyant)
-Buoyancy can be affeced by differant substances

1. The whole reason things stay afloat or sink is because water is___heavy___.
2. If you are __displacing__ water, you are pushing it out of the way.
3. The water something displaces (does)/(does not) does weigh the same as the item displacing it.
4. The shape of a boat (does)/(does) not affect whether or not the boat will float.
5. Things displace as much water as they__weigh___
6. Things (will)/(will) not sink untill the float.
7. An item will___sink___ until it displaces as much as it weighs.
8. One person leaving one piece of trash on he beach (causes)/(does not cause) a problem. *Not Buoyancy Related*
9. When thrown in a pool, a enpty milk Carton will ____float____.
10. People like Bill Nye, tend to __float__ in water.
11. By filling their swim bladders with___oxygen___ fish can control their depth in water.
12. Something has ____neutral___ buoyancy if it doesnt either sink or float.
13. A buoyant compensator is a vest scuba divers wear to control how much they (sink)/(float).
14. It is (possible)/(impossible) to float in air.
15. If the amount something weighs is the same as the displaced weight of the water, it ___floats___


Three things that were comfirmed in the video:
-Pressure is a VERY strong force when confined
-Water pressure gets stronger, the deeper you get into water
-Pressure is a force!!!
 Three things that I learned because I watched the video:
-Pressure allows us to hold up objects by just using pressure
-Air has pressure
-There is no air pressure in bubbles



Buoyancy video:------------------------------Pressure Video: 



  1. Hey! I am an education student from Brandon University. I think thats great that your using Bill Nye! I loved watching him as a kid so hopefully your students do to. He has such a great way of explaining information.

  2. Ohh, Hey B.U. Student!! Its kind of weird how people still watch the same videos, a couple of generations later, hey?


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