Friday, February 07, 2014

EXPERIMENT PROJECT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Explanation:  Well in our sceince class, we are doing a experiment involving either Pressure, Buoyancy, and Viscosity. We must figure out a question to ask about either one of these topics (or all) and make an experiment to answer the question. So the student would think of a question, set up an experiment, and answer the question. After the student was done, they would communicate their results, and share the answer to their question. The students may choose to work alone, or in partner pairs of two. our time period for this experiment is about two to three weeks.(School days.)
MY IDEA:   My question I am going to ask is, "Does the temperature of the fluid affect the buoyancy of an object?" I would boil some water in a pot, bring it to a boil, and make a tin foil boat to put inside the pot. After the water has come to a boil, I would take it off the element and put my tin foil boat iinto the water, seeing if the temperature does or does not affect buoyancy. Also I would have two other pots, one with cold water, and the other with room temperature water. I would have two more tin foil boats inside those pots to see if the boat is buoyant in other temperatures also. Of course, this is just my brainstorming and the "Idea" I have is just an idea, and could quite possibly be changed.

NEEDS/DETAILED PROCEDURE:  Well, first I would need three pots, access to water, a cloth, (To put under the hot pot) a element, and tin foil for my tin foil boats, a timer, and a measuring cup. I would start my experiment off by putting one pot full of water onto a element to boil. After putting th efist pot to boil, i would fill the second pot with cold water, and the third with warm water. As i would wait for my water to boil, I would start carefully making my three tin foil boats. My water would probably be done boiling, so I woud lay my cloth down, and put my boiling water-filled pot on top of the cloth. I would put all three of my pots close together and put my tin foil boats inside. I would have a timer near me just in case my tin foil boats sink or float. I will time how long the stat afloat or how long it took to sink if it sunk. I would have also measured out the amount of water put into each pot, making sure it was even. After that, I would write down the answer to my question, and write my results on a paper. My experiment is quite short, so I wouldn't need much class time to actually do the experiment.

COMUNICATION:   We haven't talked about the communication of our results in total detail, but we did have a discussion. We will be doing something quite similiar to a "Science Fair" Where we will show off our Q&A experiments.


  1. This blog makes me very happy! Coming up with your own experiment for a topic is the perfect way to learn science. You have developed a really good question and a detailed procedure/method.

    It's also great that you get to present your findings to your classmates in the mini Science Fair. Keep up the good work!

    1. I am a student teacher with Brandon University. I'm hoping to teach science when I get out in the real world!

    2. Thank you. It is cool you want to be a science teacher. Do you know my teacher Miss Landen (Now Mrs.Thompson)? -Alexis=D


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