Friday, February 14, 2014


Today in class, we were working on our EXPERIMENTS. We Were doing research within our booklets that got handed out to us a few days ago.
BOOKLET: for our experiments that we are working on, we have a booklet helping guide us a bit through our free rein experiment. There are 21 pages total in the booklet. the booklet consists of information helping us plan our experiment, and saferty tips also. There are questions that we have to work on inside of the textbook, all relating to our experiment.

EXPERIMENT: In my other blog post, I talked about my experiment idea and plan. This booklet has helped me word my question differently, and also told me about the dangers within my project. My new question is: What is the effect of temperature on the buoyancy of tin foil? The subject of the question is buoyancy. Also i have made a hypothesis on my question. My hypothesis is: I think that temperature will effedt the buoyancy of tin foil.

REASEARCH: In the booklet, it has a few questions helping us do some reasearch on our topic. We must find books, and websites on our topics. Also we must talk to people about our topics and make some points about it. We had to find the problem with our question before we could do research. My problem was: I do not know the effect of temperature on tin foil's buoyancy.
                                               Tin Foil Boat In Water (Accessed on February 14th, 2014)
                                                     Uploaded by  Yoo Jin Chung and Kate Fraser

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