Thursday, February 27, 2014

Air pressure EXPERIMENT!!!!!!!

Our class is still working on our experiment of our choice of either: pressure, viscosity, bouncy, or density.

My experiment is on air pressure. to show air pressure, I decided to to blow a paper ball into an empty 1 litter water bottle (or any bottle for that matter.). The question I'm trying to figure out is how does air pressure affect the paper ball moving?

To test this experiment I will need: -an empty 1litter bottle
                                                         -a small paper ball that's half the size of the bottles "spout"
                                                         -a pressure Gage, or a barometer, or an air compressor
To set up this experiment I will lay the bottle horizontally on a flat surface. Next I will crumple up a paper ball halve the size of the spout, and rest it in the spout. Then I will try to blow the ball into the bottle. (I already know the out-come).

Mrs. Thompson gave us this book to help plan our experiments!!
 This is the cover of the book:  
This is what's inside the book:
I took these pictures on Mrs. Thompson's phone. 2014. Could be found at this blog.

This is related to my experiment because it's pushing air out, and mine is the air pressure inside (his air pressure experiment is half way to the end.)
2007. sick science.


  1. WOW!!! I love the video!! Made me laugh! I think I would like to try and do the 'low voice' thing sometime! Did it mention the name of the gas in the video? I didn't notice.
    -Rachel McWebbs

    1. I know it was so funny. And the gas was called sulfur hexafluoride.

  2. Thank you for sharing. This article is very helpful and informative. We need more article like this. Cheers!


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