Wednesday, December 11, 2013

Immune System - Diseases Project

Today we are finishing our projects in the Immune System. We are finishing our research so it can get approved by our teacher. Me and my partner Gabrielle is doing Leukaemia. We are partnered into groups and we each have our own Diseases were researching. I picked Leukaemia because i wanted to learn a little bit more about cancer and teach others what i know.

 So basically we have to put our projects in our own words and make sure its not right of wikipedia or something like that. When we think were finish finding all of out research me go to our teacher and she approves of our work. If there are any big words we have to make sure we understand them. We are suppose to add a you tube video to our project. Just so our video could do a little bit of explaining.

We had to get links and titles and what year the information was from and for pictures. For me it felt like ages when we had to copy down all the information. In our own words we had define what leukaemia was in 50 words. We had to tell what it our disease effected and what the side effects are. We had to write what could prevent us from getting the disease. If there are any treatments and how would you find out if you had the disease. We had to list five interesting facts about the disease and just find a you tube video. That's what we had to do for our information. When we found all the information we had to pick a choice of presenting it. Gabrielle and I picked a power point, and some other students pick to present wit poster paper.

This is basically what the information paper looked like.

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