Tuesday, December 10, 2013

Bacterial Disease's

Today we are continuing on researching our bacterial disease's (if you click on the purple words, it will take you back to Steven's post and it will give you more information on what we had to search up). Some of the bacterial disease's we had to look up were: Leprosy (it causes damage to limbs, face, respiratory system,and blindness), leukaemia, diabetes, the black plague, rabies...etc. (I only put some information on the one because Jade and I searched it, and other groups searched the other ones.). The research part of the project is due for tomorrow, but the whole project is due on the 17-18. this project is going to be presented as either a power point, poster, prezzie, play, video, or any way we want.

P.S. Our class is trying to get 2000 viewers, and if we reach our goal we get a party, so if you know anyone how might be interested, could you PLEASE  ask them to to check it out!

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  1. Great job using a link back to a previous blog post! :)


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