Friday, December 06, 2013

Disease Project

Today in class we started a research project about diseases. We all chose a partner and then we chose a disease to research. We have to find out what causes the disease and then what kind of disease. What part of the body it affects, find images of the disease affecting the body. What are the side affects, what can be done to prevent the disease. What are the treatments for the disease, how does someone find out they have the disease. What are five interesting facts about the disease, find a picture of what the disease is.


  1. What kinds of diseases did you guys use? I hope it isn't too cold over there!! (In Alaska its -45) Keep up the awesomeness!!!
    -A Weird person :D

  2. The disease we used was Alzheimer's disease. Yes it is also cold down here, do you live in Alaska? It's impossible for us not to lose our awesomeness.


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