Monday, January 05, 2015

Entro to Optics

Today we started our new unit on optics. Optics is like light  and ow it is produced and perceived, as well as ow it moves.  One of our topics is what is colour, like if you had to explain it to a blind person what would you say. My explanation was colour is bright or bland, it is on ever thing. You can change the colour of something and fade the colour of a object. that's my explaination but everone's is differant. We did a work sheet show what we all ready now about light. Then we did some notes. 
-the creation and the emission of light by living organisms
-caused by chemical reactions
-chemical is turned into light energy


  1. A new unit is also exciting! Optics was always one of my favourites because there are lots of neat labs you can do with colour. Hope to see more posts on how you progress.

    1. I think it should be fun to, we will keep you posted on all our progress


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