Wednesday, January 21, 2015

Colours in Grade 8 Science!!!

Today in Science we talked about colour to review and practice for our test sometime in Feburary!
 We talked about Primary,Secondary and Complimentary colours.

The three Primary Colours are Red,Green and Blue.
If you mix two together you get a Seconday Colour.

The Secondary colours are Cyan,Magenta and Yellow.
Cyan is made of green and blue, missing red.
Magenta is made of red and blue,missing green
Yellow is made of red and green,missing yellow.

We are also talking about Colour Filters,
(ex)Start with a red filter, followed by a green filter.
The green filter only transmits green light...
But no green light gets through..
the light will appear black!!
We also did practice with white boards on Colours and Objects.

Solve this: What happens when a red object is hit by a green light?

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