Friday, May 30, 2014

Water Systems

Today we started our new unit "Water Systems"
 The three main Topics we are going over are, Intruduction to water, Water drainage and Water treatment. We made a K:W:H:A:L:Q chart to learn about water.
Some of our K's include,
K: Water is liquid, Nt solid, different types of water,Salt,Fresh and Tap, To make water clen you have to boil it.
Some of our Wants to lern abut water are,
W: Why is ocean water salty, how is fresh water fresh? What happens to water in space?
We actually watched a video from Chis Hadfield in space! He explained to us what happens when you wring out a towel soaked in water. When he rung out the towel, the water created a "Tube" like forcefield around the towel and is hands. Then when he let go the water stuck to his hand, so that he could wash his hands.
We went over the parts of the Water Cycle one by one.
Accumulation: The process in which water pools in large bodies. Ex) Oceans,Ponds,Seas,Lakes
Condensation: The process in which water vapour in the air turns into liquid water, Condensing water forms clouds in the sky.
Evaporation: The process in which liquid water becomes water vapour. Ex) Water Vapourizing from puddles, lakes
Precipitation: The process in which water falls from th sky. Ex) Rain, Snow, Hail
Surface Runoff: Any rain, snow, melt or other water that flows in surface streams,rivers or canals
Transpiration: The process in which some water within plants evaporates into the atmosphere. This is why it can feel muggy in a rain forest.


  1. It is always exciting to be starting something new. Did you know that there is a full playlist of videos on YouTube that show all of Chris Hadfield's experiments? There are quite a few that deal with water if you want to check it out:

    There is a also a website my kids like about the water cycle, you need fast internet though!

    Good luck with learning about water

  2. Thanks Tim. We will check it out.


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