Tuesday, May 06, 2014

Video All Stars

Getting it together would help make it better
We liked the comedy/entertainment
We didn't like that we couldn't retry it

What we could have done better: Timing
What we did good: Have fun!

We liked the entertainment.
We disliked the time limit.

*We have one group whose video is not completed yet, but will be shown soon!
The man is explaining what it looks like when you mix colours, like red and green, and blue and green.

Blue, green, red, yellow,white ,purple.They are taking some colours away to make different colours. I like it they are funny.


  1. The first one was a little hard to hear over the giggling... Josee. I can see you were having a lot of fun but if it was done with better timing, it could have had a better effect. The giggling could have been during pauses or breaks.

    The funny voices were a good touch but they should have been followed through by everyone, not just at the start. This one has lots of good information but it was hard to hear at times due to quiet speaking and background music. It overall had the most information, good job.

    The last one was the clearest and easiest to hear. You had good speaking voices but there were too long of pauses in between the pieces of information.Maybe you could add more information as a filler?

    Keep having fun, looking forward to seeing the final work!

    1. Well...Dr. Phil. I'm glad to hear that you shaved your moustache lol. It was one of those moments that you had to be there. Thanks for the comment. If we mash up every-ones project, we have the best of all worlds; with the funny, clarity, and the most information.
      P.S. Its all Stevens fault that we were giggling
      P.P.S. Try to laugh without smiling.
      From Josee

  2. Mrs. K's "Klassroom"Thu May 08, 08:41:00 am

    Looks like you are having a lot of fun! Neat videos :)

    1. Thank You!!!
      P.s.we were just wondering what the "K" stands for in "Klassroom"?
      From the Gr. 8 class

  3. Derek from Mrs. K's "Klassroom"Thu May 08, 01:40:00 pm

    What program did you use to make these? Is it hard? I need to make a movie trailer for English.

    1. The program that we used to make these was "WEVideo".No it wasn't hard, you just have to make sure you know about the count down after you hit play.....We learned that the hard way. Good luck on your English.
      From the Gr. 8 class


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