Friday, May 02, 2014


Today in class we did two out of four centers, the centers were, make a movie about colour, and the other one was Benham’s Top. Make a movie was just a movie with background music and the four groups record their voice over one of Bill Nye’s videos. The videos will be put on one of the next blog posts. Benham’s Top was just cutting out a circle, half white half black. The white side had little round lines that looked like circles when it was spun. When the disc is spun arcs of pale colours are pattern induced, flickers are visible at the different places on the disc. Each person had seen a different colour, because no one has the same type of eyes. One person saw red and purple, another saw blue on the outside but brown in the middle, and someone else saw blue on the outside and red in the middle. If it does not work with the paper, go to Wikipedia under Benham’s Top.

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