Friday, January 17, 2014

What are Fluids????????

What is a fluid?
-any substance that flows
-can be a liquid or a gas

Buoyancy: is the ability for some-thing to float in a fluid.
-doing a hand-stand is easy to do in water because of the buoyant force.
-buoy's (in water) are called buoy's because they are buoyant.
-in a hot air balloon, the air is buoyant so it floats.
-life jacket's help lower the density of the person wearing it to help them float.

Viscosity: the measure of how fast a fluid flows, or how thick or thin it is.
-Water vs. honey. Water has a high viscosity, honey has a low viscosity.
-Tar vs. milk. Milk has a high viscosity, honey has a low viscosity.
-Molasses vs. coffee. Coffee has a high viscosity, molasses has a low viscosity. 

Density: The amount for mass (weight) in a substance. Particles are being crowded.
- If 11 people (particles) we all in an elevator, the more mass, compared to two people (particles) in an elevator.

Pressure: is a force acting on a fluid.
- When you take the cork out of a wine bottle, the wine comes out.

I took this picture with Mrs. Thompson's I-phone. Took in 2014.


  1. Hey my teacher just showed me this blog and we are learning about this stuff too! Thanks for the definitions, they helpped me with my vocab list for this chapter.

    Love from Kim x)

    1. You're welcome, love Josee Ps. helped has one "p" :)


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