Tuesday, January 14, 2014


Today we started a new unit! We started doing FLUIDS!!!

we used padlet! some questions that were asked were:

a) -what are three fluids that pour very slowly?

b) -what are three fluids that floe quickly?

c) -what is youre favorite fluid?



Some answers given were:

a) -Syrup, ketchup, and molases

b) -water, apple juice, and milk

c) -orange juice


We also wrote what we think a fluid. We wrote in our groups that:

              -a liquid mass that shapes to its surroundings and distributing equally

              -something made of more than one element

              -a state of matter which takes shape of its container (to an extent)

             -a fluid could be a gas but can’t be a solid

     We conducted an experiment!!!

          Step1- get 1/4 of a cup of mysterious white powder and put it in the bowl

          Step2- add 1/8 of a cup of water

          Step 3- stir the ingredients until all powder is absorbed (you should be abled to hit the mixture with a spoon and it will feel hard or bouncy)
         step1- light a candle
         step 2- put about 2 tbs. of  bakind soda in a cup
         step 3- pour a bit of vinigar in the cup
         step 4- pour the gasof the mixture on the candle without putting any liquid on it
(the candle should go out!!)

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