Wednesday, January 22, 2014

Down, Down Went the Steel Ball!

Today in Science class we went on a virtual lab to test if the temperature of the fluid affects the viscosity. For each different fluid we changed the temperature around from 14 degrees to 55 degrees to 70 degrees to see if there would be a difference. Then we dropped a steel little ball into the jars of different fluids. If the ball went really slow it had a low viscosity, but if the ball went straight throught the fluid it had a high viscosity. Since the honey is a thicker fluid I thought that the steel ball would travel throught the honey easier when the honey was heated up. I thought that the ball would travel through the honey easier when it was heated up and it did!

If you want to see the virtual lab check out the link below.


  1. I tried the lab on my iPad and it doesn't work :( is this the rite link?

    1. You need to have Flash Player for it to work. It doesn't work on apple products.

  2. Andrew Is AwesomeThu Jan 23, 06:19:00 pm

    This is kinda cool! Our school doesn't have a science lab so this is cool...


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