Tuesday, November 19, 2013

The Main Muscle!

                                                        The Main Muscle
                                            Dez, Steven,Kurt,Paul and ME!!!

Abstract: Have you ever wondered what the muscle keeping you alive looks like. It is not shaped like the heart we all know how to draw. It looks more like a football shape. Guess what? We cut open a full grown heart! It was kind of hard, but some parts were squishy! Our goal was too what a heart acutally looks like in real life, instead of just seeing pictures.

 Work in progress to be completed November 20th


  1. Welcome Grade 8 class! This looks kind of neat. We did project like this but using pigs. In our country cows are very special to us so we would never use something like this. I no you are different though. Did everyone get their own experiment?

  2. It was pretty neat, we were in groups of 5-6 students.
    By Kurt


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