Wednesday, November 20, 2013


PROCEDURE         For our experiment we went into Mr. Hazelwoods lab. When we got there, we saw fullgrown bulls heart sitting in a pan, a scalple, cool frog aprons, and plastic gloves. We also had a pair of scissors, but we never used them. We were told the rules of the lab and what we were supposed to do to the heart. After we found out which way the heart was facing, Kurtis started recording. Paul labeled the exterior parts of the heart. After he was finished, Steven started to cut the heart (carefully) in half with the scalple. Once steven cut open the heart, Mrs. Thompson told us that the chambers were cleaned out. It turns out there was a very andry women in Rorkton, Manitoba that got the hearts with all the veins and openings where al the valves were. She was supposed to serve them to people too (I would NEVER eat a heart!!). After that wierd story We poked around inside a little bit. It was pretty cold and slimey. When we were done ME labled the internal parts of the heart. Then DEZ labeled the blood flow with some yarn. Than we plated with it a little more. Our next step was to cut of all of the  fat and predict how much fat to muscle there was in total. We were told to turn it into a percent, a fraction and a decimal. When we finished we took the heart to Mrs. Thompson, off our gloves and aprons, washed out the pans and utensils,  washed down the tables, and washed our hands.

DATA       Over all we think we did pretty good (eventhough ME was very discusted). We predicted the heart was about 30% fat, and 70% muscle. (30% = 3/10 = 0.3) We all agree the heart is very complex and intricate.

CONCLUSION       In conclusion we found out that the heart is very interesting. It is a a very powerful muscle. We think our experiment wnt pretty smoothly. Nobody threwup (although ME was close), nobody got hurt, and  it was pretty fun. We learned alot about how the heart works, and how a real  heart looks like! We found this experiment alot more helpful than writing a bunch of notes for helping us understand the matters of the heart. Overall it was a pretty terrific day.


  1. Great descriptive lab report. I think I told you in a comment in an earlier post that I was proud to have taught Mrs. T. at BU, I can also tell you that I am proud to say that I also coached Mr. Hazlewood in hockey when he was young & taught him in high school too!

    1. Thanks! If you meet any more people in S.R, S.R might get famous!
      BY ME!!!!

  2. This sounds really neat! Did the heart smell really bad? We had to dissect star-fish in Grade 11 biology and they were preserved with chemicals so our whole classroom smelt horrible afterwards.

    1. It was pretty cool. I don't think so, but some people might have felt differently. I wish we could dissect starfish!
      BY ME!!


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