Tuesday, November 12, 2013


This is our heart! We are finished and this is our final copy. We all agreed that this is the best that we could posibly do. It follows all of the standards that are needed.

( click STANDARDS THAT  to see the standards!)

BY ME!! was responsible for drawing the original copy of the heart, and labeling most of the diagrams.

Dez had drawn the rough copy of the internal part of the heart, decorated, and she also wrote down the way the blood flows.

Josee outlined the second heart of the good copy, helped colour, decorate and read the information for BY ME!! to write it down.

Landen helped colour, outline, and he read off information.

HAVE A HEART. (2013) uploaded by Landen..available at Mrs.T's Classroom: OUR HEART!!!

HAVE A HEART. (2013) uploaded by Landen..available at Mrs.T's Classroom: OUR HEART!!!


  1. Hi Grade 8's. We had to do a project like this last year but it was a whole skeleton! Yours seems more simple. The colours are nice.
    From the Grade 7 class.

  2. You guys did that when you were in grade 6 and it was harder than this...WOW that's impressive!!!!!!!!!!!!

    By Josee


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