Friday, June 05, 2015

Science Fair Ideas and Recomendaions

We have been using this website to generate different ideas for our year end science fair. It comes up with recomendations by your gade level and area of intrest. The website link will be left below along with sme of my favorite recomendations.


What's in a Face? Are Composite Faces More Attractive than Real Faces?

Warped Words and the Stroop Effect

Crime Scene Chemistry—The Cool Blue Light of Luminol

How Do Fears Change with Age?

Can Adults Pass a Middle School Science Test? *

Search Results:

Is Smiling Contagious? *

Honesty: How Prevalent Is It?

Multitasking: Brain Drain or Boost in Efficiency?

Does a Cell Phone Conversation Affect Reaction Time?

'They're Not Sticking!' A Study of Gender Responses to Frustration


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  1. Hello Mrs. Thompson, I had stumbled upon your blog very recently and I found your posts pretty interesting to read. This one in particular is an amazing example of how science can be made interesting to all children. I also would like to share with you what I am working on. A few of my friends and I are building an app for teachers like you who care so deeply about their students. While building this app, we need your help to make sure that we focus on the things that are most important to teachers like you. Do share your feedback with me. We know that teachers like you are really busy so we have made sure that the survey takes only two minutes to complete:

    I hope you do take the survey because I know you do care.


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