Friday, May 22, 2015

Flooding notes

Today we are finishing our notes on flooding. Then we will be talking about what Manitoba government is doing to prevent flooding.

The volume of the water that flows past a particular point during a set amount of time.
How much water is moving compared to regular times.

Sea level
The height of the water at a particular point compared to the standard sea level.
How high/deep the water is compared to regular times.

Tracking the flood
Hydrograph is a graph used to show changes in a river's discharge over time.
Can help predict how future floods will behave(amount of water,length,etc.)
The area downstream will flood for longer period of time.
It takes longer for all of the water to flow past the end point
   -small stream/river are affected faster then larger bodies of water
   - changes are noticeably faster since they are small to begin with

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