Friday, September 27, 2013

Today in Science class, I made up my own cell. My cell is a "Cancer resistant cell." :)

There was a question that Mrs. Thompson asked me when I made it, and the question was,
"Why is it Cancer Resistant?"

I made a paragraph about my cell and why it is "Cancer resistant."
Well first of all, if the membrane in cell the was bigger, it would be better protection from any cancerous cells. In the case that any cancerous cells got inside these cells, there would be more vacuoles which would be better waste removal. (cancer cells) If the cancer cells were still inside these cells, well the more vacuoles could store the cancer cells away so they do not spread to any other cells! More cytoplasm in these cells would make more oxygen for people just in case they are having trouble breathing IF they had cancer. These cells would have more endoplasmic reticulum so the cancerous cells could move out of the cells waaayyy faster than with just little endoplasmic reticulum. (IF there were cancerous cells.) Also if there was more mitochondria, people with cancer would have a lot more energy. A bigger nucleus in these cells would overall give better control for the cells.
This is a tumour forming in a cell.
Cancer cells don't stop growing. (2013) uploaded by cancerhelp UK. available at


  1. This sounds very interesting. Thank you. Sue

  2. Great job grade 8's! I like that this post has a picture in it, as I tend to remember things better when there is a picture!!

    I look forward to reading more of your posts!


  3. thank you :) haha - Alexis =D


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