Tuesday, September 17, 2013

The Six Characteristics

UNIT: Cells and Systems

The six characteristics are:

-Made of cells
There are two types of cells, Unicellular and Multicellular. Unicellular means when an organism is made up of only one cell. Multicellular means when an organism is made up of two or more cells.

-Organized in a pattern
Organisms are kind of like onions, because they have many layers.

-Multicellular organisms
-organ systems

-Uses energy
There are two different types of energy. There is Chemical Energy and Light Energy. Chemical Energy is used by animals and humans, while Light Energy is used by plants.

The inside of you stays the same, no matter what's happening around you. When its cold outside, your body reacts by shivering. When it is hot out, your body reacts by sweating.

-Growth and develop
The cells grow and get bigger, and as the organisms grows, more cells grow too. You develop and get specialized.(like organs)

There are two types of reproduction. Asexual, and sexual. For Asexual, you only need one parent, while as in sexual, you need two parents!

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