Tuesday, September 23, 2014

The Cake Cell

Edible Cells

Edible Cake Cell

-our class is working on cell posters that labels the parts of cells
-we had half of the class working on animal cells and half the class working on plant cells
-we had to draw a picture of the cell then draw the 6-8 parts of the cell and then colour them in

-we will be working on making an edible cell model which has all the parts of the cell
-we have about 45 minutes to brainstorm what materials can be used
-my group is has thought of using vanilla icing as a cell membrane
-the nucleus is a cookie
-the vacuole will be jelly beans
-endoplasmic reticulum is going to be beef jerky and no I'm not kidding
-cytoplasm is going to be the Brownie
-the cell wall will be a fruit roll up

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